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Chris van Buren

I’m a synthesizer enthusiast from the Netherlands. I mostly like Spacesynth, Italodance and Eurodance music. On this website you can find my synthesizer covers and more information about my music and my synthesizers and drumcomputers.

I try to recreate the classic Spacesynth sound of the 80’s and 90’s. The tracks by Koto and Laserdance are my favorites. I just  released my fourth Spacesynth album, it is available in the shop and as download on all mayor distributors like iTunes, Spotify, Yandex and Amazon.

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Recent releases

Summer in Space vol 6Neospace - Flying to the Stars
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02/03/2023 Update 2023 

Hello, although you haven’t heard much new music from me in a while, I want to give you a quick update on the things I am working on. Lately I have been working on some different music. The Analog Language label asked me to produce two remixes of early MvdK tracks, and I produced a track for a new Hotsound project. ….

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