Commercial Statement

(Including special notes to remixers and YouTube content producers.)

Like most musicians and producers nowadays I make a living from a daytime job. I don’t expect to get rich from making music. For me this is a hobby that I enjoy doing. Artists put in effort into making music however, and also invest in equipment and software. Therefore paying an artist for music or merchandising, is a great way to show your support and can help the artist to develop, and make more and better music.

YouTube and Facebook monetization and revenue sharing.

My original music, released by way of, is considered to be my intellectual property. You can use this music to make your remix or video and share it on YouTube and Facebook if you want. But on behalf of the artist there WILL be a copyright claim from; this is not a problem, you can still use my music, but CDBaby will claim half of the revenue made from advertisements in the video (or part of video) where the music is used.

I think it is normal that when YOU make money from YouTube with the use of MY music that we should share the revenue. If you don’t want to share, then please don’t use my music for your video’s.

Copying and sharing

Please DO share links to my music, website and Youtube video’s. Sharing music on Social Media is a great way to support artists!

Please DON’T make poor quality rips and put them up for download somewhere. By creating or sharing links to illegal MP3 downloads you are ignoring the fact that an artist puts in much effort for your enjoyment, and you are basically just being disrespectful to the artist. If you really can’t afford to buy original music, please listen on Youtube or Spotify instead.

If you are able to pay for music, please do!