Sometimes it is hard to keep track of my releases because they go on different sources; some tracks were never officially released but still available on Youtube for instance. So I will try to keep a discography of all releases on this page. For a number of tracks there are no copies published online, but if I know a link to the file I will post it here.

This list is not complete yet! I will keep adding tracks I forgot about…


Year Project Name Title Media Label Catalog # Link
2015 Chris van Buren Aim for the Moon CDr Single CFM Media CFM001 Youtube
2015 Chris van Buren Destination Mars CDr Single CFM Media CFM002 Youtube
2016 Chris van Buren
Hope and Destiny

  1. The Limits of Our Frontier
  2. Destination Mars
  3. Spirit
  4. Opportunity
  5. Jupiter Rising
  6. Project Orion
  7. Curiosity
  8. Sojourner
  9. Mission Juno
  10. Hope and Destiny
  11. Odyssey
  12. Aim for the Moon (Remix)
  13. Destination Mars (Remix)

CDr Album CFM Media CFM003 Youtube
2016 Chris van Buren & Oblivion The New Flight
(Vocoder Mix)
FLAC/MP3 CFM Media CFM004 Youtube
2017 Chris van Buren
New Horizons

  1. Life on Earth
  2. New Horizons
  3. Constellation
  4. Destroyer
  5. Phenomena
  6. Arctic Spring
  7. Cosmic Radiation
  8. Singularity
  9. Worlds Colliding
  10. The New Flight (Vocoder Remix)
    Composed By – German Shlandikov
  11. New Horizons (Trance Version)

CDr Album CFM Media CFM005 Youtube
2017 Formax Resurrection FLAC/MP3 CFM Media CFM006 Youtube
2017 Formax ft. Rebecca Ekman Summer Feeling
(Formax Remix)
FLAC/MP3 CFM Media CFM007 Youtube
2017 Chris van Buren Skycharger FLAC/MP3 CFM Media CFM008 Youtube
2018 Chris van Buren
Tierra Del Fuego

  1. Arpology
  2. Tierra Del Fuego
  3. No Escape
  4. Realism
  5. Blast From the Past
  6. Cosmified
  7. Drifting into Hyperspace
  8. Blackbird
    Featuring – Nathan van Buren
  9. Future Forecast
  10. Skycharger
  11. Ultimo
  12. Tierra Del Fuego (Spacetrance version)

CDr Album CFM Media CFM009 Shop
2018 Chris van Buren
Nathan van Buren
Blackbird FLAC/MP3 Spacesynth.Ru SPRU 006 Youtube
2018 Formax Transmutation FLAC/MP3 CFM Media CFM010 Youtube
2018 Neospace Blast from the Past FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00043 Youtube
2019 Neospace Hibernation FLAC/MP3 Spacesynth.Ru SPRU 009 Youtube
2019 Amateras Laserlight
(Neospace Remix)
FLAC/MP3 Spacessynth.Ru SPRU 013 Youtube
2019 Amateras Feel in Japan
(Neospace Remix)
FLAC/MP3 Not on Label Youtube
2019 Neospace The Lost Martian FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00043 Youtube
2019 Syntech Bits & Bytes
It Will Take A While
Track 1 & 2 on CD album Hot Music America HS2020-2 Syntech – Syn City
2020 Neospace
Revelation Tour

  1. Revelation Tour
  2. Neogalactic Travels
  3. New World Order
  4. Lost Civilization
  5. Insurgents
  6. Radient Lights
  7. The Arrival
  8. New Generation
  9. Rising Hope
  10. Touchdown
  11. Return To Mars

CDr Album CFM Media CFM020 Shop
2020 Neospace Resonator FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00048 Youtube
2020 SynthOne, Rigelz &
Chris van Buren
Galactic Reunion FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00051 Youtube
2021 SynthOne, Rigelz &
Chris van Buren
Monolith FLAC/MP3 Spacesynth.Ru SPRU 016 Youtube
2021 Neospace Soulya ID – All my Life
(Neospace Remix)
FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00053 Youtube
2022 Neospace
Flying to the Stars

  1. Cosmic Departure
  2. Flying to the Stars
  3. Virtu or Fama
  4. Collision Course
  5. Mars Needs Women
  6. Last Resort
  7. Neverland
  8. Time is Unity
  9. Countless Stars
  10. Into the Night
  11. Neverland (Ultimix)

CDr Album CFM Media CFM021 Shop
2022 Power Machine Timemachine Track 8 on CD Album Hot Music America HS2210 Power Machine – Power Invasion
2022 Neospace Neverland (Ultimix) Compilation Album ZYX Music ZYX 83084-2 ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection 8
2022 Roxeanne Hazes / Bolland & Bolland Spaceman (Spacesynth Remix) Youtube
Not on label – – – Youtube
Roxeanne Hazes Remix (513 downloads )
2022 IMOK RUOK FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00056 Space Holidays 14
2023 Synbiose Castles in the Sky YouTube only Not on label – – – Synbiose – Castles in the Sky
2023 Synbiose It’s A Fine Day YouTube only Not on label – – – Synbiose – It’s A Fine Day
2023 Neospace Force of the Jedi FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records SSR00059 Summer in Space 6
2023 Jackie Touché Watch Out (Chris van Buren Vocoder Remix) Vinyl 12 inch Vintage Pleasure Boutique VPB012 Bordelloaparigi.com
2023 Claudia T Dance with me (Chris van Buren Remix) Vinyl 12 inch Vintage Pleasure Boutique VPB013 Bordelloaparigi.com
2023 Cosmic Force Brand New World FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records Space Holidays Space Holidays 15
2023 Neospace New Start FLAC/MP3 Spacesound Records Space Holidays Space Holidays 15
2024 Cosmic Force Don’t Fear Compilation Album ZYX Music COMING SOON
2024 Italo Emotion My Dreams (Neospace Remix) COMING SOON
2024 Cosmic Force
Future Mind
Album Synthdance Records COMING SOON
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