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Update 2023

Hello, although you haven’t heard much new music from me in a while, I want to give you a quick update on the things I am working on.

Lately I have been working on some different music. The Analog Language label asked me to produce two remixes of early MvdK tracks, and I produced a track for a new Hotsound project.
Also I worked on a nice cover with my very talented niece Leanne Serena and that also inspired me to make some other vocal oriented tracks.
I made an 80s style remix with the vocals from Roxeanne Hazes (Spaceman) and I am working on some other vocal tracks as well. This will be produced in a new spacesynth / house crossover style. A preview from this has been played at Radio Stad Den Haag: The Opus III – It’s A Fine Day 80s style synthesizer cover.

People seem to enjoy that kind of music and for me this is an opportunity to reach a bigger audience. I am researching if it’s worth to make it an official release or if I will just make it a YouTube Only release. I won’t claim any royalties from this because I made it just for fun.

So keep an eye on my YouTube channel because that’s where my new work will be posted soon ?