Here’s a list of gear and stuff I use to create my music. A lot of the instruments performers used back in the eighties and nineties are now available on E-bay. Occasionally I buy broken synths and repair them, when I like them I keep them, and otherwise I sell them again. So I have a few interesting instruments on my list which I’ve probably repaired or traded for another instrument. That way I am able to try out some synths and buy stuff I otherwise could never afford.


  • Casio CZ-101
  • Korg M1R
  • Korg Poly 61 (m)
  • Korg Poly 800
  • Korg Wavestation SR
  • Korg X5DR
  • Roland D-550
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Roland JP-8000
  • Roland JV 1080
  • Roland MKS-70
  • Yamaha AN1x
  • Yamaha FB-01
  • Multiple Softsynths


Vocoders are often used in Spacesynth music. I used to have a Korg R3 but I sold it. I have been using it on quite a few of my tracks, but I also own a Korg DVP-1, the same vocoder that was used by Laserdance and Rygar in the ninetees. The sound of this vocoder is very recognizable, you can hear it on my new album, and I have also produced some vocoders for Oblivion, Cyberspace and Areo51. Sometimes I also use additional effects in Logic like formant filters.

  • Korg DVP-1


  • Roland Aria TR-8
  • Boss DR-550mkII
  • Alesis D4 drummodule
  • Linndrum samples (Logic ESX24)
  • Simons drums and other samples


Why would someone still use a sampler in modern times? Because they all have a specific character and sound, and they are fun to work with. I bought an E-mu ESI 2000 sampler because I thought it could load sounds from the EMU EMAX II library, but it doesn’t… And more recently I bought a Roland S550 sampler, it comes close to the Roland W30 sampler that I owned in the nineties and Roland also has a very large library of samples for their samplers. But… I found the samplers hard to integrate in my normal workflow, so thats why they are for sale now. Of course I use the ESX24 sampler in Logic all the time.

  • Roland S550 sold
  • EMU ESI 2000 for sale


For the mixing of analog signals from synths and microphones I use three mixers: two rack-mixers and a desktop mixer. The Behringer USB mixer also acts as a soundcard for my iMac, this makes the bouncing of audiotracks very easy.

  • Behringer Xenyx X1222 USB
  • Behringer Eurorack Pro (2x)

Effects & Processing

Due to some changes in my setup I sold almost all of my hardware effects- and processing gear. I used to have a lot of hardware gear but now everything gets bounced into Logic and all processing and remixing is done “in the box”. Although I like hardware very much my workflow is much easier like this, and the sound quality is much better.

There are a few external effects I occasionally use for delay and chorus. A well kept secret is the Boss CH-1 pedal I use on the Poly 61… the effect comes close to the Roland chorus in the Juno 106. It is an analog pedal with more or less the same circuitry as the original (and much sought after) Juno chorus effect.

  • Behring Virtualizer Pro
  • Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

Of course I use additional FX and plugins in Logic all the time like stereo delay, reverb, compressors and exciters.


I don’t sing a lot, and often my voice gets distorted by the vocoders… so I don’t need a very good microphone for that. For me the cheaper ones are just fine.

  • AKG D44 S
  • Rode NT1-A
  • Samson Q7 (2x)


Yes of course I use computers! I am really not that talented that I could play everything live. I use an Apple iMac which has a great stable platform for music writing software. I also use the iMac for creating the videos that I post on Youtube. I use the PC Laptop mainly for recording and digital mastering.

  • Apple iMac
  • Apple iPad (for apps)
  • Windows 10 laptop
  • Windows XP desktop (for old stuff)

Software & Plugins

I use Logic Pro X on the Apple iMac as my main DAW. Logic is packed with great sounds and effects, but besides Logic I use some supporting software on PC or iPad, like the iOS versions of programmers like the PG800.

  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • Casio CZ Editor
  • Cool edit Pro (for old stuff)
  • Izotope Ozone
  • Logic Pro X
  • Yamaha AN1x editor


Sometimes you buy an iPad App because you think it’s great but then never use it again… for me that is not different. There are a few apps I still use, but most music apps on the iPad I never touch again…

  • Akai Synthstation
  • Alchemy
  • FunkBox
  • Garageband
  • iPG800
  • iRig MIDI
  • Logic Remote
  • MusicStudio
  • Rockmate
  • SampleTank
  • Shiny Drum
  • Synth

On my wishlist

I like all kind of synthesizers, but there are a few I would like to buy when I have the chance. These are synths I particularly like, or know they have been used by other Spacesynth artists. My studio room is very small, so thats why I would try to buy the rack-versions of synths, but for the right synth I can make more shelfs, no problem ;).

  • EMU Emax II
  • Emu Emulator
  • Ensoniq ESQm
  • Korg DW-6000
  • Korg Polysix
  • Roland JD-800
  • Roland PG-800 Programmer
  • Roland PG-1000 Programmer

I also wouldn’t mind to own a Linndrum LM-2 and a real TR-808 or TR-909, but these are financially far out of my reach.

Last updated: January 22, 2020 at 23:52 pm