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New Year – New Chances

I want to wish everyone a great 2016 to start with!

Yesterday I was at the Radio Stad Den Haag Italo Top 100 party, and I met the Dj’s and some nice and interesting people. Although I am not that good with busy party’s and crowds, I went there because Menno (one of the DJ’s) invited me and told me that Michiel van der Kuy would also be there and he wanted to meet me.

I was there at 15:30 and drank some beer and talked to some kind and interesting people. But of course I was there for Michiel I am not a fan like.. a fan, you know. I did not go there to ask him to sign a CD cover or something like that. I am however interested in who he is as a person and very interested in the technical side of things, like how he works or if he maybe had tips for me to make my music better.

My goal was to get some sort of direct contactadres with him, and ask him if maybe I once good visit his studio to look at his workflow and how he does things. Well, all that didn’t work out I am sorry to say…

I am a HSP (Google it) and also have some autistic character traits. So maybe you can imagine that it is not so easy for me to visit a busy party in the first place, and besides that, for me its very hard to make contact with other people. Mostly I look for a quiet place and choose one or two people to talk to.

After two and half hours of peaking at the door to see if MvdK had arrived I gave up. I was tired, stressed out and frustrated. So I greeted Menno, sneaked out the building en drove back home.

Later that evening Menno send me a message MvdK was there. So I said: send him my greetings, and better luck next time. Maybe I would have gone back there if I lived just around the corner, but from my house to Radio Stad Den Haag is a 1.5 hours drive, and at that time I was already laying on the couch drinking beer

So, no meet and greet with MvdK this time. But it was fun to meet the DJ’s in person and to see the RSDH studio.