Just a quick video on the Laserdance Bass patch settings on Juno 106. This is the โ€˜lighterโ€™ bass patch. You can figure out the settings yourself now, so stop asking for the patch ๐Ÿ™‚

NeoSpace – Hibernation, as released on / Space Odyssey Trip 5

Download for free at

NeoSpace – The Lost Martian, as released on Spacesound Records Space Holidays compilation 2018/2019

Download it for free at

With Nathan van Buren. Taken from the album Tierra Del Fuego 2018. Get your copy now! Download link below.

Taken from the album Tierra Del Fuego 2018. Get your copy now! Download link below.

This is my attempt to recreate this epic Laserdance classic as close to the original as possible with my gear and equipment. I used Logic Pro X, Roland Juno 106, Roland D50, Yamaha AN1x and Linndrum and ESQ Wavebell samples in Logic. For this cover I also used a tape saturation plugin in Logic to get that 80’s sound and I even mixed in some vinyl static noise for your pleasure! I hope you like it as much as I did making it.

I made this cover for Mats Antonsson, my 1000th Youtube subscriber. I got bored with just one track so I mixed in two other tracks from the Technological Mind album. Enjoy!

Hey, it has been a while since I posted here, so it’s about time to give you an update!

As you might know our friends from Laserdance: Michiel van ver Kuy and Erik van Vliet released a brand new album: Force of Order. Of course Michiel produced all music and former Hotsound boss Erik is in charge of the marketing of the album. I bought the album on CD and on vinyl, because I am not only making covers, but I am also a true fan who thinks they deserve some kind of reward for their work. By buying a CD I think you can give a compliment to the makers, and besides that I like vinyl ๐Ÿ™‚

So whats next? I probably won’t make music in Laserdance style anymore, because when they start making music themselves again there’s really no point in trying to keep their music ‘alive’ is there? Also I’ve already done that, more or less, and am looking for new challenges. So I am working on some new music, and searching for new sounds and mixes of styles. After all, Laserdance is not the only music-style I like. I also like early Synthpop like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo, Eurythmics, Ultravox and so on. And also music from Koto, Divine, Bobby O., Georgio Moroder, Art of Noise as long as it has driving basslines and pumping beats!

I grew up in the eighties and nineties so no wonder I like these styles of music, and of course my music will be inspired by those artists. Also for another project I am working on mixed styles in Trance/Techno and Space synth and Italodance styles. When this will be released it will be most probably under a different name.

So I will not entirely give up on Spacesynth, I am just looking for new ways to integrate other styles into this music. I’ll keep you posted!

This is my interpretation of this great track by Laserdance. Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

This track is taken from the album “Hope and Destiny” it is available for download at:


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