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Chris van Buren – Cosmified, as presented on Space Odyssey – Trip 3 by This is a special thanks to all our fans worldwide! Thanks for your support! Download your free copy, or order a CD at!

Chris van Buren – Future Forecast as presented on Space Holidays 9 by Spacesound Records. This is our annual gift to our fans, thanks for your support! Download your free copy at

Chris van Buren – Drifting into Hyperspace as presented on Space Holidays 9 by Spacesound Records. This is our annual gift to our fans, thanks for your support! Download your free copy at !

The guys from Radio Stad Den Haag asked me if they could play my new track ‘Skycharger’ as their RSDH Spacesynth at 21:30h… Of course!
Thanks Menno, Gwen, Michiel and Mark for your support!

This track is taken from the album New Horizons – 2017

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my website again!Chris van Buren and Michiel van der Kuy

I will give you a quick update on stuff I am working on… or rather… stuff I am NOT working on 🙂
In the summertime I am not in my studio that much because I like to go outside in the summertime as well, to work in my garden, walk the dog or just be with friends and family. Also I like to go scuba-diving or mountain biking every now and then.

In the last couple of weeks I did some vocoder stuff for Areo51, Cyberspace and Oblivion. Also I did a track together with SynthOne under a new project-name called TryTone. We try to work together a bit a make some new music. There is a demo on Soundcloud if you want to hear it.

In my studio there have been some changes; I bought a Roland MKS-70 and managed to get some very interesting sounds on an M-64C cartridge delivered to me by Karel Post (Lone Starr) which contains sounds from MvdK, or so the myth goes… but I asked Michiel this and he can’t remember him selling his old MKS-70 to Karel.

Yes, you read that right, I finally got a chance to meet Michiel van der Kuy in person and had a nice conversation with him 🙂 I was in the Radio Stad Den Haag studio at the release party from Marco Di Luna’s album Shimmering Stars and so was Michiel. We had a nice chat about gear, music and live in general. It was nice to meet him at last.

So whats next? I don’t really know… I am also thinking about doing more in other music-genres. Don’t get me wrong I like Spacesynth a lot but I also like Synthpop, Italo and even Trancemusic. So maybe I will start some projects under different names.

So, there wont be much news this summer, but probably I will start producing another album in the autumn.

This is my attempt to recreate this epic Laserdance classic as close to the original as possible with my gear and equipment. I used Logic Pro X, Roland Juno 106, Roland D50, Yamaha AN1x and Linndrum and ESQ Wavebell samples in Logic. For this cover I also used a tape saturation plugin in Logic to get that 80’s sound and I even mixed in some vinyl static noise for your pleasure! I hope you like it as much as I did making it.

I made this cover for Mats Antonsson, my 1000th Youtube subscriber. I got bored with just one track so I mixed in two other tracks from the Technological Mind album. Enjoy!

Here’s an impression from my new album: New Horizons. It was released January 1st 2017. I enjoyed making it, I hope you enjoy listening to it 🙂

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