Spacesynth 2015

I made this remix as a special gift to my 100th Youtube subscriber Trevor Parsons. I offered him to remix his favorite track. He asked me to cover A Night Out in Tomorrowland by Laserdance, so I made him a nice remix and also threw in a few bonus tracks 🙂

This is a remix of the track Fly through the Galaxy by Dominik Czajkowski

The original track is here:

My new Old-school Spacesynth track is here for you to enjoy. It’s called Aim for the Moon and produced, arranged en recorded by me 🙂

Why another Powerrun cover? Because I think my cover is better 😉 I hope you guys think so too 🙂

This one was not easy, I had to learn chords I have never seen before. Recreating a track like this “by ear” can get a bit complicated. Remember, I can’t read notes and there are no midi-files or sheetmusic available anyway, but it worked out pretty good.

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