You Spacesynth lovers know I had to do this one don’t you? So here it is, my Koto – Minoan War Cover 🙂

For anyone who thinks this one is easy: it’s not.
It is impossible to do this exactly the same as Michiel van der Kuy did.

Besides the incredible fast tunes it is also very hard to get the sounds right, so I substituted some sounds with other Koto-like sounds. I think it worked out well though.

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This is one of those Koto tracks I have always intended to recreate one day… so here it is!

Another great Spacesynth classic by Laserdance: Humanoid Invasion, covered by me. I think this is a great track so I had to cover it 😉 Uploaded a new version with enhanced audio.

Gear used: Roland TR-8, Roland Juno 106, Yamaha AN1x, Logic Pro X

This time I have tried to recreate a real spacesynth classic by Laserdance! Let me know if you like it, and please subscribe if you do 🙂

This is my ROFO Big Cover, it contains 5 tracks by ROFO, I made a megamix out of it. Please like, subscribe, add, follow or share if you like it! ?



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Not my best cover, I am still learning here. This is my cover of Dragon’s Legend by KOTO. Performed on Yamaha AN1x, Roland Juno 106 and TR-8. Sequenced on Logic Pro X.

Me playing a cover of Jabdah by Koto. I try to recreate some space synth classics every now and then. I hope you like it!