This is my interpretation of the Miami Vice classic Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer. This one was on special request. I tried to incorporate some nice quitars 🙂 The whole thing is made in Logic Pro X on the iMac with the help of some vintage synthesizers… I hope you like it 🙂

I made this cover for Mats Antonsson, my 1000th Youtube subscriber. I got bored with just one track so I mixed in two other tracks from the Technological Mind album. Enjoy!

This is my interpretation of this great track by Laserdance. Have fun 🙂

Proxyon is a synthdance project founded by Michiel van der Kuy (Laserdance, Koto, Rygar). First two Proxyon records were co-produced by Michiel van Eijk and Rob van Eijk. Third album, “Return Of Tarah” has a little different sound, because it was made by a different producer who called himself “Jay Vee”.

Proxyon is a classic synthdance act, the music has very cosmic feeling and the songs are arranged in Michiel Van der Kuy’s style (except for “Return of Tarah” which also contains synthdance music, but arranged in a different style).


I created this remix for my 201st Youtube subscriber Dennis van den Berg. It is a mashup of a great Slow-Spacesynth track by Galaxy Hunter: We came from Space and a nice 80’s track: Sandra – Maria Magdalena. Galaxy Hunter did a very nice cover of Maria Magdalena with the very beautifull Monika Novak and ofcourse very talented Zbigniew Danielewicz.

I made this remix as a special gift to my 100th Youtube subscriber Trevor Parsons. I offered him to remix his favorite track. He asked me to cover A Night Out in Tomorrowland by Laserdance, so I made him a nice remix and also threw in a few bonus tracks 🙂

I made this cover on special request by Piotr Wolk, I hope you like it.

I uploaded this track to Soundcloud about a month ago. It had a lot of listens and downloads, so I made you a videoclip and uploaded it to Youtube aswel. Enjoy!

Why another Powerrun cover? Because I think my cover is better 😉 I hope you guys think so too 🙂

This one was not easy, I had to learn chords I have never seen before. Recreating a track like this “by ear” can get a bit complicated. Remember, I can’t read notes and there are no midi-files or sheetmusic available anyway, but it worked out pretty good.

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You Spacesynth lovers know I had to do this one don’t you? So here it is, my Koto – Minoan War Cover 🙂

For anyone who thinks this one is easy: it’s not.
It is impossible to do this exactly the same as Michiel van der Kuy did.

Besides the incredible fast tunes it is also very hard to get the sounds right, so I substituted some sounds with other Koto-like sounds. I think it worked out well though.

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