Some more famous basslines for you to enjoy 🙂 Can you guess them all?

Performed in Apple Logic Pro X, with Roland Juno 106 and Korg M1 synthesizer.
The drums are created using Linndrum samples in Apple ESX 24 sampler software.

I was bored and made some bass-lines of famous 80’s and 90’s tracks. I used Logic Pro X and my Roland Juno 106. For the beats I used a basic Roland TR-8 pattern.

Not my best cover, I am still learning here. This is my cover of Dragon’s Legend by KOTO. Performed on Yamaha AN1x, Roland Juno 106 and TR-8. Sequenced on Logic Pro X.

Me playing a cover of Jabdah by Koto. I try to recreate some space synth classics every now and then. I hope you like it!