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Chris van Buren – New Horizons (album promo)

Here’s an impression from my new album: New Horizons. It was released January 1st 2017. I enjoyed making it, I hope you enjoy listening to it 🙂

Available for download at

Physical CDr’s are available at Discogs:

or at my shop:

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all those other digital distributors.

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Proxyon – Space Hopper, Cover by Chris van Buren

Proxyon is a synthdance project founded by Michiel van der Kuy (Laserdance, Koto, Rygar). First two Proxyon records were co-produced by Michiel van Eijk and Rob van Eijk. Third album, “Return Of Tarah” has a little different sound, because it was made by a different producer who called himself “Jay Vee”.

Proxyon is a classic synthdance act, the music has very cosmic feeling and the songs are arranged in Michiel Van der Kuy’s style (except for “Return of Tarah” which also contains synthdance music, but arranged in a different style).


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We Came From Space vs Maria Magdalena

I created this remix for my 201st Youtube subscriber Dennis van den Berg. It is a mashup of a great Slow-Spacesynth track by Galaxy Hunter: We came from Space and a nice 80’s track: Sandra – Maria Magdalena. Galaxy Hunter did a very nice cover of Maria Magdalena with the very beautifull Monika Novak and ofcourse very talented Zbigniew Danielewicz.